How Much Fabric Softener Should I Use?

If you’ve ever wondered how much fabric softener you should use, you’re not alone. Many people have trouble figuring out the right amount of fabric softener to use, especially when it comes to laundry. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to determine how much fabric softener to use. By following these … [Read more]

When Do You Put Fabric Softener In For Best Results

When to Put Fabric Softener In? (Important Facts!)

To get the best results from fabric softener, you should put it in during the final rinse cycle. This will help to distribute the softener evenly and prevent any build-up on your clothing. It is also essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for diluting the fabric softener and how long to leave it in the … [Read more]

What is Non Woven Fabric And Are They Biodegradable?

Non woven fabric is a type of fabric that is made from long fibers, bonded together by a chemical, mechanical, or heat process. Non woven fabric is used in a variety of applications, from medical gowns to filters to diapers. But what makes non woven fabric different from other types of fabric? And are they … [Read more]

Are Non Woven Fabrics Recyclable?

Non woven fabrics are a type of fabric that is made from bonding together fibers to create a product that is sturdy and can be used for a variety of purposes. Non woven fabrics are not recyclable in the traditional sense, but they can be reused or upcycled in many different ways. For example, old … [Read more]

Can You Eat Fabric?

So, can you eat fabric? Well, technically, yes. Fabric is made from fibers, which are basically just really thin strands of material. And since your body can break down other things that are made from thin strands of material ( think: hair, nails, etc.), it can technically break down fabric as well. Of course, that … [Read more]

Can You Use PVA Glue For Fabric?

PVA glue is a water-based glue that is used for a variety of things. It is one of the most commonly used glues for fabric and other materials. However, you may not be familiar with some of the properties of this glue. You will learn how to use this glue for fabric in this post. … [Read more]